Babiaczyk, Skrocki i Wspólnicy was founded in 1993, as a result of a fascination of its founders with application of legal mechanisms in the process of building and operating enterprises.

From the very beginning our principal objective was to provide professional, efficient and effective legal solutions for large and medium-sized companies. During many years of our activity we deserved an opinion of one of the best laws firms in Poland specialising in services for enterprises.

2013 Celebrations of the Firm’s 20th anniversary, combined with a party for several hundreds of guests.
2012 Commencement of operations in the new seat at ul. Wyspiańskiego 43.
2011 Katarzyna Skowron, attorney-at-law, joined the firm.
Growing demand for space forced commencement of a new seat construction.
2010 Łukasz Walaszek, attorney-at-law, joined the firm.
2005 More partners joined the Firm.
2001 Maciej Olejniczak, a attorney-at-law, joined the Law Firm as a partner, and the Firm was transformed into a limited partnership.
2000 The seat of the Law Firm was moved to the building at al. Wielkopolska due to the development and increased number of our team members.
1993 Attorneys-at-law, dr Mirosław Babiaczyk and Dariusz Skrocki founded the Law Firm; the first seat was located in the centre of Poznań, at ul. Mickiewicza.