Real property and construction process

  • Comprehensive real property legal audit,
  • drafting and negotiation of real property sale contracts and other agreements which guarantee lasting use of the real property in conformity with the Client’s assumptions,
  • solving legal problems connected with acquisition of real property encumbered with third party rights,
  • expressing opinions and preparing construction contracts, supervision over investment progress and its settlement, representation in court disputes involving investors, contractors and subcontractors,
  • establishing and withdrawing rights in rem on real property (mortgage, servitude, use etc.),
  • in required cases, obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration to purchase real property,
  • analysis of legal possibilities for investment execution, representation before administrative bodies and administrative courts in matters connected with obtaining land development decisions, building permits and occupancy permits.
Dariusz Skrocki

Sr. Partner / Attorney-at-law

Maciej Olejniczak

Partner / Attorney-at-law

Łukasz Walaszek

Partner / Attorney-at-law