We have something that is of greatest value in the legal business: many years’ experience. This is the foundation for gaining our Clients’ trust. We have achieved it more than 20 years of work and development. Since 1993 we have been advising and helping over 500 entrepreneurs from Poland, Europe and the world. We introduce foreign investors to the domestic market and help Polish companies expand on external markets. We set up and transform companies, acquire, sell and restructure enterprises. We write, negotiate and express opinions on agreements. We solve ongoing Clients’ problems and represent them before Polish and foreign common and arbitration courts. We also develop property succession plans and advise on preparing last wills and regulating property relations in the family, in particular those connected with enterprise management and inheritance.


Lawyer Poznan Babiaczyk, Skrocki i Wspólnicy for many years has regularly ranked high on the lists of the best law firms. This confirms our sound position as one of the leaders on the market.

In Rzeczpospolita’s 2017 prestigious ranking of law firms we advanced to the 16th place among the biggest law firms in Poland and the 4th place in Wielkopolska 1.



Dispute between President of Personal Data Protection Office and Chief Surveyor of the Country.

President of Personal Data Protection Office has initiated an administrative proceeding concerning an alleged violation of GDPR by the Chief Surveyor by processing of personal data in the form...

An important stance of the Supreme Court regarding claims for protection of personal rights.

On 6th of August 2020 in the case No. III CZP 78/19 the Supreme Court adopted an important resolution on claims arising from violation of personal rights. According to...

Lawyer Poznan

Babiaczyk, Skrocki i Wspólnicy has been active on the market of legal services since 1993.
During that time we have gained a reputation of one of the best Polish law firms, specializing in comprehensive handling of large and medium-size enterprises at every stage of development.

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